20 Best Biographies Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Miss!

Updated: Feb 20

Here’s the list of biographies of revolutionaries and billionaires that every entrepreneur should read. These books will definitely motivate you and boost your productivity.

The life of an entrepreneur is not easy. They struggle, they work 18 hours every day, they barely sleep, they put their blood & sweat in the business still the society, family, friends and sometimes themselves won’t recognize their efforts but believe me these are the same conditions what every successful businessman is been through.

This list will guide you and keep realizing you that,

“You’re not doing it wrong, you’re just early in the process.”

1. The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company by Robert Iger

Released: 2019

Pages: 272

Rating: Goodreads_4.4/5, audible_4.8/5, amazon_4.7/5

#1 New York Times Bestseller

In The Ride of a Lifetime, Robert Iger shares the lessons he learned while running Disney and leading its 220,000-plus employees, and he explores the principles that are necessary for true leadership. This book is about the relentless curiosity that has driven Iger for forty-five years, since the day he started as the lowliest studio grunt at ABC. It’s also about thoughtfulness and respect, and a decency-over-dollars approach that has become the bedrock of every project and partnership Iger pursues, from a deep friendship with Steve Jobs in his final years to an abiding love of the Star Wars mythology.

2. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Released: 2011

Pages: 592

Rating: Goodreads_4.1/5, Flipkart_4.5/5, amazon_4.6/5

Based on more than forty interviews with Steve Jobs conducted over two years - as well as interviews with more than a hundred family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues - this is the acclaimed, internationally bestselling biography of the ultimate icon of inventiveness. Although Jobs cooperated with this book, he asked for no control over what was written, nor even the right to read it before it was published. He put nothing off-limits. He encouraged the people he knew to speak honestly.

3. Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance

Released: 2015

Pages: 400

Rating: Google Play_4.6/5, Barnes & Noble_4.4/5, amazon_4.6/5

Vance uses Musk’s story to explore one of the pressing questions of our age: can the nation of inventors and creators who led the modern world for a century still compete in an age of fierce global competition? He argues that Musk—one of the most unusual and striking figures in American business history—is a contemporary, visionary amalgam of legendary inventors and industrialists including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, and Steve Jobs.

4. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

Released: 2016

Pages: 386

Rating: Goodreads_4.5/5, Flipkart_4.5/5, amazon_4.4/5

An instant and tenacious New York Times bestseller

But Knight, the man behind the swoosh, has always been a mystery. In Shoe Dog, he tells his story at last. At twenty-four, Knight decides that rather than work for a big corporation, he will create something all his own, new, dynamic, different. He details the many risks he encountered, the crushing setbacks, the ruthless competitors and hostile bankers—as well as his many thrilling triumphs. Above all, he recalls the relationships that formed the heart and soul of Nike, with his former track coach, the irascible and charismatic Bill Bowerman, and with his first employees, a ragtag group of misfits and savants who quickly became a band of swoosh-crazed brothers.

5. Wings of Fire by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and Arun Tiwari

Released: 1999

Pages: 228

Rating: Goodreads_4.2/5, Flipkart_4.6/5, amazon_4.6/5

Every common man who by his sheer grit and hard work achieves success should share his story with the rest for they may find inspiration and strength to go on, in his story. The 'Wings of Fire' is one such autobiography by visionary scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who from very humble beginnings rose to be the President of India. The book is full of insights, personal moments and life experiences of Dr. Kalam. It gives us an understanding of his journey of success. The book recollects many anecdotes and stories from childhood, his time at school and college. The time spent at the Langley Research Center, NASA and Wallops Flight Facility get a lot of attention.

6. Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. by Ron Chernow

Released: 1998

Pages: 832

Rating: Goodreads_4.1/5, Flipkart_4.8/5, amazon_4.7/5

National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist

Drawing on unprecedented access to Rockefeller’s private papers, Chernow reconstructs his subjects’ troubled origins (his father was a swindler and a bigamist) and his single-minded pursuit of wealth. But he also uncovers the profound religiosity that drove him “to give all I could”; his devotion to his father; and the wry sense of humor that made him the country’s most colorful codger. Titan is a magnificent biography—balanced, revelatory, elegantly written.

7. Iacocca: An Autobiography by Lee Iacocca and William Novak

Released: 1986

Pages: 384

Rating: Goodreads_4.0/5, ThriftBooks_4.1/5, amazon_4.5/5

The success story of one of the most prominent automobile engineers of all time, Lee Iacocca. He is an American businessman in the car industry and is known worldwide as the famous man who engineered various famous Ford cars. He is also for his personal skills, determination and acumen in reviving Chrysler Corporation from the brink of bankruptcy, in such a way that the world was left astounded at the after effects. The book also talks about the necessary law policies that needs to be implemented for car users.

8. The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon by Brad Stone

Released: 2013

Pages: 384

Rating: Goodreads_4.1/5, audible_4.6/5, amazon_4.5/5

The definitive account of how a tech icon came to life.

Compared to tech's other elite innovators -- Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg -- Bezos is a private man. But he stands out for his restless pursuit of new markets, leading Amazon into risky new ventures like the Kindle and cloud computing, and transforming retail in the same way Henry Ford revolutionized manufacturing. The Everything Store is the revealing, definitive biography of the company that placed one of the first and largest bets on the Internet and forever changed the way we shop and read.

9. Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson

Released: 1998

Pages: 544

Rating: Goodreads_4.0/5, audible_4.5/5, amazon_4.5/5

Richard Branson is a famous British businessman, investor and founder of the Virgin Group. He has created unconventional businesses and made them successful for the world to see. He has a unique philosophy to life that separates him from the rest. Branson tells the story of his first 43 years of life sharing all the details of the pangs and toils he faced. This is an inspiring as well as an interesting story that takes the readers on a successful journey marked by courage and unparalleled self-belief.

10. My Life and Work by Henry Ford

Released: 1922

Pages: 342

Rating: Goodreads_4.2/5, amazon_4.4/5

In this book, Ford details how he got into business, the strategies that he used to become a wealthy and successful businessman, and what others can do by learning from the examples he has outlined. This book should be read by small business owners, business students and those interested in the history of the automobile. Henry Ford will take you through a journey of history, business and lessons to be learned from which he used to develop his financial empire.

11. Jack: Straight From the Gut by Jack Welch

Released: 2001

Pages: 496

Rating: Goodreads_3.8/5, amazon_4.4/5

Jack Welch is acknowledged by many as the greatest corporate leader of the 20th century. When he first became CEO of General Electric in 1981 the company was worth $12 billion - in 2001 it was worth $280 billion. But Welch is more than just a leader of the most successful business in the world. He revolutionized GE's entire corporate culture with his distinctive management style: the individual appreciation of each of his 500 managers, the commitment to an informal but driven work style and the encouragement of candor are all part of the Welch approach. Welch's story offers the classic tale of a self-made man whose business career embodies the American dream.

12. Sam Walton: Made in America by Sam Walton

Released: 1992

Pages: 368

Rating: Goodreads_4.1/5, Flipkart_4.4/5 amazon_4.4/5

In an autobiographical account of his rise to the pinnacle of the American retail business Wal-Mart, the personal reminiscences of the late billionaire retailer are combined with dozens of interviews with Sam Walton's family and friends. The undisputed merchant king of the late twentieth century, Sam never lost the common touch. Here, finally, inimitable words. Genuinely modest, but always sure if his ambitions and achievements. Sam shares his thinking in a candid, straight-from-the-shoulder style. In a story rich with anecdotes and the "rules of the road" of both Main Street and Wall Street, Sam Walton chronicles the inspiration, heart, and optimism that propelled him to lasso the American Dream.

13. Pour Your Heart into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time by Howard Schultz

Released: 1997

Pages: 360

Rating: Goodreads_4.0/5, audible_4.6/5 amazon_4.6/5

Marketers, managers, and aspiring entrepreneurs will discover how to turn passion into profit in this definitive chronicle of the company that "has changed everything... from our tastes to our language to the face of Main Street" (Fortune). The success of Starbucks Coffee Company is one of the most amazing business stories in decades. It illustrates the principles that have shaped the Starbucks phenomenon, sharing the wisdom he has gained from his quest to make great coffee part of the American experience.

14. Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman by Yvon Chouinard

Released: 2005

Pages: 272

Rating: Goodreads_4.2/5, Booktopia_4.0/5, amazon_4.7/5

Yvon Chouinard is alegendary climber, businessman, environmentalist, and founder of Patagonia, Inc. From his youth as the son of a French Canadian blacksmith to the thrilling, ambitious climbing expeditions that inspired his innovative designs for the sport's equipment, Let My People Go Surfing is the story of a man who brought doing good and having grand adventures into the heart of his business life-a book that will deeply affect entrepreneurs and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

15. iWoz by Gina Smith and Steve Wozniak

Released: 2006

Pages: 336

Rating: Goodreads_3.8/5, audible_4.1/5, amazon_4.4/5

A New York Times Bestseller

In iWoz the mischievous genius with the low profile treats readers to a rollicking, no-holds-barred account of his life—for once, in the voice of the wizard himself. Steve Wozniak invented the first true personal computer. Wozniak teamed up with Steve Jobs, and Apple Computer was born, igniting the computer revolution and transforming the world. “iWoz is the story about a man filled with curiosity and drive. It's about growing up in Silicon Valley at a watershed time for electronics and computing. And it's about never forgetting what makes a person happy in life and never forgetting one's dreams.” —Russ Juskalian, USA Today

16. Made In Japan: Akio Morita and Sony by Akio Morita

Released: 1988

Pages: 352

Rating: Goodreads_4.1/5, amazon_4.6/5

The book is like a memoir for Akio as he not only told the story of the career he had in sony but also his earlier memory in Japan post WWII, This is fascinating to read as it unveiled a truly different world to the one we are living in. The chairman of the Sony Corporation discusses the rise of Sony, his extraordinary career as a businessman, and his views on the United States, Japan, and the world economy.

17. Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald's by Ray Kroc

Released: 1977

Pages: 224

Rating: Goodreads_4.1/5, amazon_4.5/5

Few entrepreneurs can claim to have changed the way we do business or the way we live. Ray Kroc is one of them. Now meet the man who became a millionaire within a decade, and share in his contagious enthusiasm, perceptiveness and innovative thinking. Not your typical self-made tycoon, Kroc was fifty-two years old when he opened his first franchise. In Grinding it Out, you'll meet the man behind McDonald's, one of the largest fast-food corporations in the world with over 32,000 stores around the globe. Irrepressible enthusiast, intuitive people person and born storyteller, Kroc will fascinate and inspire you on every page.

18. Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World by Bradley Hope and Tom Wright

Released: 2018

Pages: 401

Rating: Goodreads_4.1/5, amazon_4.5/5

Named a Best Book of 2018 by the Financial Times and Fortune

Billion Dollar Whale is "an epic tale of white-collar crime on a global scale" (Publishers Weekly), revealing how a young social climber from Malaysia pulled off one of the biggest heists in history. Over a decade, Low, with the aid of Goldman Sachs and others, siphoned billions of dollars from an investment fund--right under the nose of global financial industry watchdogs. Low used the money to finance elections, purchase luxury real estate, throw champagne-drenched parties, and even to finance Hollywood films like The Wolf of Wall Street.

19. I Love Capitalism! An American Story by Ken Langone

Released: 2018

Pages: 304

Rating: Goodreads_4.2/5, audible_3.5/5, amazon_4.6/5

New York Times Bestseller

Iconoclastic entrepreneur and New York legend Ken Langone tells the compelling story of how a poor boy from Long Island became one of America's most successful businessmen. Ken Langone has seen it all on his way to a net worth beyond his wildest dreams. In a series of fascinating stories, Langone shows how he struggled to get an education, break into Wall Street, and scramble for an MBA at night while competing with privileged competitors by day. He shares how he learned how to evaluate what a business is worth and apply his street smarts to 8-figure and 9-figure deals.

20. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin

Released: 1791

Pages: 140

Rating: Goodreads_3.8/5, Flipkart_4.3/5, amazon_4.3/5

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is the traditional name for the unfinished record of his own life written by Benjamin Franklin from 1771 to 1790; however, Franklin himself appears to have called the work his Memoirs. Although it had a tortuous publication history after Franklin's death, this work has become one of the most famous and influential examples of an autobiography ever written. This book will make readers realise that Franklin was kind in nature and always wanted to do good. The detailed account of the good deeds he did will sway readers. The last part of the book is empty and incomplete. It holds certain events that had taken place during the last year of Franklin’s life.

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