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[Get Paid to Write in 2020] Make $25 to $100 By Writing Short Stories.

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

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Everyone wants to make money the easy way, isn’t it? Making money online is not that easy for everyone. However, some are very good at it and do it smoothly remaining struggle very much to see their paychecks.

Well earning money online is not the way they tell you in YouTube videos and in glamorous blogs. Actually it is very hard to get your first job online but once you give it time and do it persistently, you may generate a whopping passive income source.

So what about you?

Are you a pro in this field or just a beginner struggling to kick starting your career in the online world?

Who Are You? A Beginner or A Professional Writer

Maybe you’re good at writing but creating a blogging website to make money from your writing passion is not a convenient way. It takes time to drive traffic to your site and monetize it to make it your income source.

Also if you’re thinking it doing part-time then it makes it even more difficult because you need to invest lots of time in the initial stage.

Whether you are a good professional writer or a beginner who just got to know his/her writing talent.

Whoever you are, this article will really help you to convert your writing passion into a profession.

What You Have To Do To Start Your Earnings?

You only need writing skills and creativity. If you are good at literature or can write fiction stories then you’re good to go. You can also pitch poems if you can write them.

There are many sites, magazines ready to pay you for short fiction stories but that must not be copied from anywhere else. And if it is already published by you on any other sites you can’t pitch the same story.

You have to send your work to these sites and magazines, they will check your work and send you the confirmation whether it is accepted or not.

You need to follow their guidelines while sending your work like the font, margin, space, number of words & pages, etc.

If your work is accepted, they’ll publish it and will pay you. Amount of payment depends on the site or magazine you choose.

Check out below sites and magazines so you can share your work;

Reader’s Digest

Screenshot taken on Reader's Digest site.

Reader’s Digest is America’s fourth largest circulation magazine brand. Online RD.com publishes hundreds of original articles a month.

Reader’s Digest shares trusted advice and stories to help families enjoy healthy, wealthy, and wise lives. They get to the heart of the matter and keep it simple, informative, and fun.

What to write to get paid?

You need to write your true story. It can be anything may be an experience, a conversation, etc. It should express your feelings and must convey strong message that way your chances to accept the story by their editors will increase.

Check the sample stories on this LINK

Preferred languages

English Only


1. The story must be in 100 words or less.

2. The story should be your original work, and that the story does not infringe or violate any copyright, right of privacy or publicity, or any other right of any third party, or contain any matter that is libelous or otherwise in contravention of the law.

3. Your story may be edited for clarity.

4. It may take some time for your submission to be considered. Do not inquire about the status of your submission- They’ll contact you in case your story is accepted

5. Even selected stories may not be published for six months or more.

How to share your work?

You need to write your story on their text box given on their site. Visit this LINK to submit your story.

How much they pay?

If your story is chosen by their editors to be published in their print magazine, you will be paid $100.

Narrative Magazine

Screenshot taken on Narrative Magazine site.

They publish high caliber literary work and accept work from both professional and emerging writers.

They also host contests to search new talents and provide reading & writing mentorship to schools around the globe.

Note: They do charge nominal fees for submission of your work.

But their pay is good and also gives prizes to winners of the contest.

What to write to get paid?

Narrative Magazine publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, novels, stories, personal essays, humor, sketches, biographies, reports, interviews, etc.

A very wide variety to choose from, isn’t it?

Preferred languages

English Only


1. Short short stories must be of 2 to 5 pages length and between 500 to 2000 words.

2. Short stories, excerpts, one-act plays, essays, and other fiction & non-fiction manuscripts must be within 2000 to 15000 words.

3. You can submit 5 poems at a time and must be contained in a single file.

4. You can also submit audio poems in mp3 format of up to 10 minutes long.

5. All manuscripts should be in 12-point type, with at least one-inch margins, and sequentially numbered pages.

6. Use double space in Fiction and nonfiction and poetry should be single-spaced.

7. Type the author’s name, address, telephone number, and email address at the top of the first page.

8. Include a brief biographical note with their submissions.

9. Your manuscript must be in one of the following file formats: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, .odf, .mp3, .mp4, .mov, and .flv.

10.Their response time is 4 to 12 weeks

How to share your work?

They only accept submission through their Electronic Submission Portal.

They do not accept payment through postal services and Emails.

How much they pay?

Their current payment rates are as below;

1. $50 minimum for each accepted poem and audio piece. ($25 for poetry reprints.)

2. $150 to $350 for 500 to 2000 word manuscripts.

3. $100 for Readers’ Narratives.

4. $150 for a Story of the Week, with $400 each for the annual Top Five Stories of the Week.

5. $350 to $1000 for 2000 to 15000 word manuscripts.

6. Rates for book-length works vary, depending on the length and nature of the work.

7. $200 each for the annual Top Five Poems of the Week.

Craft Literary

Screenshot taken on Craft Literary site

Craft Literary is a Literary Magazine established in 2017. They encourage beautifully crafted short and flash fiction stories. They also consider already published fiction if rights can be obtained.

They do not charge you for your submission and accept all professional and emerging


What to write to get paid?

They feature flash fiction, short fiction, critical pieces of craft, interviews, and book annotations.

Do not send non-fiction or poetry.

Preferred languages

English Only


1. You can write:

A. Essays containing 1000 to 1500 words concerning the craft of fiction.

B. You can write interviews of fiction writers and novelists. The interview should focus on the craft of writing.

C. Book annotations contain 800 to 1200 words and focus on fiction writers/novelists who explore the craft in their writing style.

D. Flash fiction should be written under 1000 words.

E. Short fiction should be written under 6000 words.

2. Each of your work should include an editor’s introduction.

3. Submit one work at a time and do not submit another work until you heard from them about the previous one.

4. You need to include a brief cover letter with your previous publications (if you have any).

5. Use Times New Roman 12 pt font

6. Share your work as a Word Document.

How to share your work?

Visit their Submit To Craft page to submit your work.

How much they pay?

They pay 100$ for flash fiction and 200$ for short fiction. They do not charge submission fees.

Daily Science Fiction

Screenshot taken on Daily Science Fiction site

Daily Science Fiction is a publication of short fiction stories and encourage good quality original unpublished stories.

What to write to get paid?

They actually need short fiction.

You can submit science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, and more. They also purchase dark fantasy but do not take pure horror.

Preferred languages

English Only


1. Stories must be within 100 to 1500 words.

2. They also consider series containing 3 or more flash stories on the same theme.

3. If you’re writing a series please note it on top of your cover letter.

4. Do not submit simultaneously, they don’t accept multiple submissions.

5. Usually, they revert in 4 weeks.

6. Submit stories in plain text. Plain text means no smart quotes, no curvy apostrophes, no magic ellipses and no clever Microsoft formatting.

How to share your work?

You need to Create Account and then login to submit your story.

How much they pay?

They pay 8 Cents per word for worldwide rights. That means if your 1000 word article is accepted you can easily make $80.

The Curious Reader

Screenshot taken on The Curious Reader site

This is an Indian Web Magazine which will pay for literary content. They have the list of books of each genre and help readers to choose the best books.

This is a home for book lovers and a safe place to share your opinion of the book you read and want to read.

And the good part is they pay you for sharing your opinion.

What to write to get paid?

You can write a review of a book you love in short or your experience and what you felt while reading. You can also write how that book impacted your life.

Preferred languages

English Only


1. You can write:

A. An essay containing 800 to 1000 words about your experience. This is generally a personal essay that describes your feelings and journey with that book.

B. An article about the deep analysis of that book/novel containing 1000 to 1500 words. It should focus on the depth analysis of genre and author’s work.

You can check the samples on their site.

2. Write a 50 words summary of your work to attract readers to see your full work.

3. Propose 3 titles for your summary

4. You need to send 3 samples of your previously published work. You can send the links to your samples.

Don’t worry if you do not have any previous work experience. Just make 3 samples in Word Document and upload them to Google Docs and send the link to it.

5. Write a bio about you. Don’t advertise yourself, make it simple and write about who are you as a person.

Check out their site for more Dos and Don’ts.

How to share your work?

You need to send all these documents to writing@thecuriousreader.in

Check their Writing Style Guideline

There are still lots of sites that will pay you for poems, horror stories, science fiction, and more. We’ll share them in the next article.

If you like this article then please comment below that way we’ll be motivated to share more content with you.

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