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How to earn money online I [BEST] Ways to make money in 2020

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

People think these ways of earning money online are shortcuts to make money. Just sit back all night and hooray!! You’ll make money but it is not.

Making money online is much difficult for beginners because there are people already making lot of money the way you want to be. As a beginner I searched the internet about making money online and believe me I read all the contents regarding this matter through blogs, Quora, Facebook etc.

The way they write the answers and blogs they make it seem all so easy and fun full. But reality is very harsh. I tried all of them one by one and that cost me months.

The people who do videos on making money and write content about it, they do it for the sake of signups, views and get paid by affiliate offers. All these self-declared pros in money making are just fooling the newcomers and beginners for filling their own pockets.

It will take you 10 videos or 10 blogs to find and watch that single one and that’s actually telling you honest ways to make money. So, here I am honestly writing my experience and will give you suggestions about what to do and what not?

Beware of those ‘get-paid-to’ sites. They’ll show you the list of people on their site who made 50$ in 2 hours or 10$ in 1 hour, but believe me it took me 7 to 8 hours just to make 0.108$.

And, there are these sites who claim to make money by viewing videos, filling surveys, playing games, reviewing music, searching the web and what not? I can share the names of at least 10 to 15 sites that claiming the same.

After using them for 2-3 times what you’ll get is “there are no more surveys/ videos available please come back later” and it’ll show same message for 2-3 days. Please stay away from these sites I’m telling you from my experience. I have college friend who used 3 to 4 of these sites parallel for 20 days grinding 5 to 6 hours a day and ended getting only 1.364$.

Below are the real and honest ways of earning money online, but before sharing I want to make sure that these are not easy ways, it can take you months to reach the level at which you’ll be successfully generating passive income. It takes consistent hard work and persistence to make money online. Remember making money online isn’t something that you try when you needed it most or during bad times. If you’re thinking that way you’re making fool of yourself.

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”

1. Make Money By Content Writing

If you’re good at writing something interesting or you are good at something like cooking or you watch lot of movies and serials. You can create your own website sharing your menus or giving the movie reviews.

Just find a niche that suits you best and start writing. It’ll take at least 6 months to start earning money through this method. But if you did it successfully this can be long term source of income. There are people who’re earning in lakhs using this method. Remember there must be people making the content on same niche. And to stand up among those you have to make quality content. There tools like SEO that are must learn to get the views fast. Use social media like Facebook, Quora to promote your site.

For making money through website you have to monetize your site through Google Ad-Sense, and sharing affiliate links (you can use clickbank to make affiliate links). May be you’ve heard of CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per mille) and PPS (pay per sale). There are lots of ways to earn money once you start your own site.

There are people saying, "I did lots of research and made changes on my site, I'm taking SEO very seriously. Writing the quality content, still not getting traffic."

"PPC is is not working"…"Affiliate marketing is fake"…"never works"…"I'm tired of this."

You see, some people think it doesn’t work because they want quick results, they don’t have patience for great. You should give it enough time to work.

Do blogging need investment?? Well, yes!! But you can also start a free website, but you'll not have domain name as you want. If you're thinking to do it on long term then you should buy domain name and hosting for your site. Instead of buying them separate you can use;

Wordpress- It is a great platform to make an awesome website. It will cost you 2400 Rs for 1 year of basic plan (not come with monetizing feature). You should take 4200 Rs for 1 year of premium plan because it comes with SEO tool and monetizing feature.

Wix- It is also a great platform. They made it much simpler to edit your site and offer stunning templates. They cost 29Rs/month plan billed annually and domain charges extra.

2. Earn Online By Freelancing

There are real websites which pay you real money for doing what you best at. They have wide variety of works like logo design, video editing, game design, web design, trailer making, book writing, tattoo designing, brochure designing, blog writing and lot more.

There are more than 100 ways you can choose into. Companies and people freelance their work from these sites. There are people even paying for playing game with them like PubG. You need to create account on these site and some of these sites may also need Paypal account. Some of those sites are listed below;





3. Making Money By Teaching Online

If you good at teaching something like drawing, painting, programming, C++, python, engineering etc. You can make your own course on the sites I’m going to share. Don’t worry if you are good at anything you can teach it well giving it try isn’t harmful. No one knows may be you are good at it and anyway you can improve after some time.

But for making those online courses they also charge you some amount, check and select most appropriate plan for you.



4. Earn Money By Making YouTube Videos

I know some people feel uncomfortable in front of camera. They don't think they have good looks and a good voice. But every successful YouTuber is gone through this stage so, give it a try. Just start the camera and record videos and ignore the mistakes.

You will start to see the improvement after recording each video. Choose a niche and make a channel and after meeting certain conditions you can monetize your channel. If you're unable to make videos or don't have a expensive camera, you can make gaming videos. Just record the game you're playing or do some art on paper and put it on YouTube. Just check what your viewers want, may be you can some tips on how to do it. Remember making money using this method also require hard work and patience.

And that’s all for now I will make detailed blog on each of this method to help you more to earn money using these methods.

“Never give on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but it’s more difficult to regret.”
Best Of Luck!!
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