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Do you watch lots of movies? Check how you can make some extra money!!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

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Who doesn’t have a hobby of watching movies?? Everyone loves them.

I can sit in front of the TV all day without even blinking my eyes. I love to watch movies from almost all genres (except horror though, but I can watch horror comedies like Scary Movie).

What if you can make some extra cash from this hobby!!

Yes, you read it right.

If you watch lots of movies you must have DVDs of old classic movies, downloaded copies, Netflix and Amazon prime subscriptions, etc.

So why not use them to make some money.

Some of these ways may not help you to make a fortune but will definitely help in hard times. You can do it as a side hustles too.

But some of these are really legit ways that you can do full time. Many people actually made their careers in some of these ways.

So let’s find which suits you well;

Renting them for money

Yeah I know, maybe you’re thinking, what’s new in it. Well we all lend some CDs to our friends and family members.

Why not use some technology in it. This is the era of Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon. These definitely destroyed the market of those CD and DVD sellers.

But there are some old classics loved by grandpa & grandma that can’t be found on these sites yet.

Also choosing the right movie in these oceans really kills the starting excitement.

So how can you use the technology?? You can make a WhatsApp business account or a Facebook page to show your list of DVDs.

So what do you think? Is this can be done or not?

Say you rent one movie for 50Cents and rented 100 movies a day, you’ll make $50 a day easily.

Well, that’s not bad for a side hustle.

You never know if you get lots of visitors to your pages, you can use Facebook for affiliate marketing.

Reselling the DVDs

If you watch lots of movies, you must have bunches of CDs &DVDs sitting idle in your cupboard.

Sets of classics, movies you love, and some having attached memories with it.

So why not use them to make some extra cash.

Also buying at cheap and reselling at high price is new ways to make money now.

There are hundreds of sites out there where you can sell your used things.

1. eBay & OLX

Image: Selling DVDs on eBay

These are the sites everyone must have sold at least one thing in their life. From the set of nail paints to the expensive antique items, everything is sold on these sites.

So why don’t we make it a side hustle? Thousands of people making money online by buying items at cheap prices and selling them on these sites at a good profit.

2. Ziffit

Image: Sell DVDs on Ziffit.com

Ziffit is the quick, simple and free way to earn some cash for your DVDs and other items.

Just enter your barcodes in the box or you can download the Ziffit App (available for Android and iOS) to start scanning barcodes today.

And you don’t need to post the DVDs, they will collect it from you.

3. Decluttr

Image: Sell DVDs on decluttr.com

This is also a good platform to sell your CDs & DVDs. You have to scan the barcode of your product to know the price.

They ship free for you and you only need to pack it in a box. They have options for payment by PayPal, cheque, and direct deposit to your bank.

4. EagleSaver

Image: Sell DVDs on EagleSaver

This is a platform where you can sell DVD/Blu-ray, books, video games, and audio CDs.

This site is rated 4.7/5 on Trustpilot.

You need to enter the ISBN or UPC code given on sides of your product barcode and you’ll get an instant quote.

You can sell in bulk also and they use PayPal for payment.

4. Bonavendi

Image: Sell DVDs on Bonavendi

Their objective;

"No single book, no movie, no CD, and no electronic device should have to end up on the scrapyard."

They provide price comparison and will give you a best fixed at which you can sell your items easily.

Bonavendi also provides you special offers, vouchers, and bonuses. So there are even more ways to make money!

Movie reviewer

There are thousands of movie review sites and YouTube channels that give reviews of latest movies.

You can make a playlist of videos or blogs like the top 10 classic movies or top motivational movies. These videos and blogs get millions of views.

Image: Filmi Indian channel on YouTube

Do you know the site Rotten Tomatoes; it is the best review aggregator site. They show the reviews of movies given by different critics, magazines, and celebs.

Image: Rotten Tomatoes site

Movie reviewer is actually a career and there are courses for studying critics.

Do you know the famous critics; Roger Ebert from Chicago Sun-Times, Gene Shalit from NBC’s The Today Show Armond White from New York Press and our very own Kamal R Khan the most trolled Indian critic.

Other opportunities

There are other ways than explained above by which you can make money from your hobby of watching movies.

There are companies that pay you for checking trailers, audience reactions, doing mouth publicity by sharing positive words, theatre checker, customer analysis, etc

Image: MysteryShoppingOnline site

But these jobs are really hard to find

Some of the links for those companies are given below;




Selling the downloaded copies

I will not recommend this unless you’ve copyright.

Although, I’ve seen my friends making thousands in college.

That time our college’s Wi-Fi used to restrict entertainment & movie download sites. So my friends used to download movies by some hacking tricks and sold to other students the downloaded content for some extra cash.

Note: downloading and sharing content that you don’t own or don’t have the copyright to is illegal.


Earning money is simple but depends on your way.

There are thousands of ways you can make money from. You just need to see clearly and keep business mind.

You should try different ways and stick to that one way you are comfortable with and you'll love to do.

But main key to success is consistency.

So try hard & make fortune, Best Of Luck!!

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