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[6 Ways] to Make money online using books!! [Make Money From Books in 2020]

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

All of the most successful people in the world have a habit of reading. But if you take any billionaire let’s take for example Mr. Bill Gates or our own richest Indian Mr. Ambani, they all love to read. They daily read books at least for one hour.

If you really are a reader then congrats!! You are already a wealthy person.

I know this is the world of videos. People love to watch videos to get any information they want than reading about it.

But books also have their own benefits. They increase your concentration and help relieve stress. Reading a book feels like living a life. That’s why the number of book readers is also increasing day by day.

If you have a passion for reading and love books then this is your chance to turn your passion for reading into a profession. You can make money using this passion of yours.

So let’s check how you can do it.

1. Make money by making a website to give book reviews

If you read a lot of books, then you can make a website to review the books you read.

Please check the site Goodreads and Book Riot.

Just write what you think of that book in short and you can also make a summary of that book.

Or just write nice messages given in that book and table of context. You can also give ratings to the book.

Everyone before buying any book wants to check reviews on it. They also like to read a short summary to check the content and decide if they really want to buy it or not!

You can monetize your website using Google AdSense. Also you can do affiliate marketing by sharing affiliate links. Whenever people will buy using your links, a small share will be given to you.

You can make nice websites using Wix or Wordpress. Check their plans and choose according to your convenience. You can buy a domain name & hosting separately also.

2. Make a YouTube channel to review/ give a summary

Instead of writing the blog, you can make videos on YouTube. Content of the videos maybe the same as a blog; giving reviews, summary etc.

You can also make short animated videos on the summary of that book. People love the visual interpretation of the book.It really attracts quick potential buyers of the book.

You can monetize your YouTube channel using Google AdSense and share the affiliate links on the description of the video.

This way many YouTubers are making in money in lakhs and crores. You can check Seeken’s channel.

Many authors request YouTubers and Bloggers to do review on their book. And they really offer great money.

3. Make money with eBooks

You can make own eBook of yours and sell it online.

If you’re a reader then you must have read lots of books. Then you can combine your learning’s to write your own book.

Or if you’re good at taking notes then you can help students by making e-book of notes. It can be any subject math, history, science or engineering subjects, etc.

But write separate books for separate categories. For example, if you’ve read 3-4 books on motivation then you must have learned something new. Make separate books on your learning’s on motivation.

Sometimes people can’t understand the language of English authors or their use of tough English worlds. You can simplify what they want to say in your own words.

But do not copy-paste. What you are writing must be unique and interpret what you have learned. Be honest about your work and maintain quality.

You can make money by publishing your eBook using KDP Select- It helps you to reach more customers and earn more money. You can enroll a single book or a whole catalog.

Also, you can use NotionPress to publish your eBook.

4. Make money by reselling

The reselling market is very huge right now. You can buy used books cheaply and resell them online. There are lots of apps & sites which offer reselling platform.

You can use OLX, E-Bay to resell them or you can make a website like Bookchor.

Amazon also offers refurbished books at cheap prices. And they really have good quality.

You can also make an online shop to resell the used books.

Lots of readers only mind the content that books offer. And there are readers addicted to reading who like to buy cheap used books.

There are physical shops in India that refurbish torn books and resell them at a good price.

5. Earn money from writing books- Become an Author

If you are good at writing and have some creativity, you can write your own book. It can be in any category fiction, thriller, history, science & technology, etc.

Or you can write a book containing short stories. These books are very much liked by children.

But for this, you have to find a publisher.

Remember J. K. Rowling- Author of ‘Harry Potter’ series and ‘Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them’. She became one of the most successful authors in the world from government assistance as a single mother.

She had dozens of rejections from publishers when she wanted to publish ‘Harry Potter’.

You can use Notionpress to publish your own eBook or paperback. They have their team of experts to guide you with their Guided Publishing Program or if you want to publish on own then use their Xpress Publishing Platform. You can sell it in over 30,000 stores.

You can also translate your book into other languages to reach customers from different countries.

You can use Babelcube, todaytranslations, and TranslatorBase to translate your books in other languages.

6. Make money by selling audiobooks

As market of audiobooks is increasing at rate of 30% every year. You must be familiar with amazon’s Audible and Spotify.

Even if you’re unable to publish your book you can pay a professional to make an audiobook. You can do a quality check using the ACX tool.

You can do it on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, etc. Check their prices and choose a convenient one.

You can sell your audiobooks in 9 online stores using services offered by Feiyr.

Also using the Awesound, authors can directly sell their audiobooks to their customer and you can make your own brand also.

That's it, these are the honest and real ways to make money using books. Please comment about this blog and tell me if any more ways you know.

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