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What did I learn from this lockdown?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

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It’s been more than 70 days of lockdown in India and this really testing our patience.

So, what you did in this lockdown, maybe read a new book, watched movies, tried some dishes watching YouTube, chatting with old friends on Facebook & WhatsApp, painting and tried other hobbies etc.

I contacted my friends and asked about their situation, some lost the job, some were locked in red zones where they're doing jobs and seeking permission to go home and some were quarantined.

But what about others who lost their job, home, sleep, and I don’t know what not? Don’t worry I’ll not bore you with the emotional stories.

I think I’ll lose my job too, my employer is asking me to join the office but I can’t go because it is in one of the red zones. My parents are afraid and don’t want me to join until the corona situation cools down.

I hope you’re safe in your house and found this article while surfing the internet.

This lockdown really gave some of the important learning so I thought it is important to share with you.

1. Read all insurance documents

It is of very much important that you read all the insurance documents.

Many of us always ignore reading the policies and other legalities because it contains that tough legal language and confusing words.

But all the important points are really hidden under those tough words and we often put aside thinking it useless.

I really put my time reading it, searching on Google for some legal words and then I found the ‘abbreviations & definitions’ part.

Believe me, it really cleared some of my confusion about the time limit and other points like what you they really cover and what not?.

I also found some discount coupons for Apollo Clinic & Medical.

2. Money is not important.

Yeah right! No matter how much money you have, you’ll die as everyone does.

I’ve seen rich persons dying on the same bed the poor died. When your time comes no money can save you.

The only thing you can rely on is your family. When I called one of my friends who were locked in the red zone he really cried on phone (he studies in Mumbai away from his family). His family tried everything, money, reach but nothing helped them to bring their son home.

When the situation cooled down in some ways he finally reached home after taking permission from the government. He called me after one week and seemed happy.

I know you need money to lead a good life and fulfill basic needs. I want to say is we don’t need to run behind money all life, nothing is important than your life.

3. You can live without drinking and smoking

Well, I don’t drink but my friends do. Some drink on each weekend and some twice a week (they smoke daily though!). Whenever I meet them, all they talk about is drinks, smoke, and chicken-mutton.

Now it’s been more than two months, all hot drinks and chicken-mutton shops are closed but they’re doing fine.

I really hate persons who drink and smoke with every rupee in their pocket. I mean why people think drinking and smoking are cool habits!!

The movies like ‘Kabir Singh’ really damaging our youth (it’s my opinion).

4. You can save more than 30% of your salary

Yes, you can! Before this Corona situation I used to buy on Amazon, Flipkart every month, eat in hotels, roaming malls, unnecessary travel, watching movies in theaters, etc.

But after lockdown, I came to realize that there’s really no need to waste your money on these things.

Well, I control my expense and don’t waste money from a lot of years but still, I’m a man, not Buddha, sometimes I also lose control.

Think if you do not waste your money on these things you can really save more than 30 percent (considering you save at least 15% of your salary).

Also, you can invest this extra savings to make more money.

5. Never depend on your 9 to 5 job.

Who love 9 to 5 jobs? Even I don’t! But still, we do it, not that we love grinding our asses 9 to 5 but because it fulfill our basic needs.

When it comes to paying credit card bills on time monthly salary is our savior.

But did it help us in lockdown? No! Some companies cut their salaries, some only paid 50% even after working from home, some abandoned their employees and the height is cutting you off permanently.

So can we rely on these jobs?

I think we should focus on building side incomes and more assets. We need more income sources which can make money even in situations like this. Also, during good days we should focus on savings and investments.

I do intraday trading but in a bull market. Now I’ll learn how to trade in bear market this will really help me.

6. Contact your friends, increase your circle

When times like this come friends and family are our only hope. No one will help you, your job, your business, your money, your investments.

So contact your friends, ask how they’re doing, don’t just seek help, be ready to help them too, try to be the rainbow in others clouds.

“You’ll pass hard times easier if you’re with right people”

7. When the time comes your life is important than others

Bad times really show a person’s true face.

I saw some people around me change at this time. When all the things were normal they used to behave like, ‘you need to do this first’, ‘no! You first’, ‘let’s do it together’, ‘dude just call me anytime’, ‘I’ll do anything for you’.

But now I understood how deeply they said that, those words were just thrown in the air for taking advantage of your good time because when the time comes they'll think about themselves before you.

Nobody will help you in your bad times but when someone does they’re truly your friends.

These are some important lessons that I learned in this hard time. I hope you’re safe and not had some really bad experiences.

Comment below, what you learned in this lockdown, what you did, and experiences.

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